We believe that…

We are accountable to children

We are responsible for providing a fun environment where children want to come and where they feel comfortable sharing their joys, questions, fears, and feelings

We are charged to inspire children through a thoughtful curriculum based on the TN-ELDS (developmental standards) as well as an annual program of learning about Jewish tradition

We are creating a school that promotes a love for learning, a respect for diversity, and promotes understanding

We are responsible for modeling and creating loving and developmentally-appropriate interactions between and among all students, families, Academy staff, and Congregation Micah staff and members

We are partners with parents and will provide opportunities for parents to learn and grow in their parenting skills as well as be included in their children’s life at Micah

We love the Nashville community and will work hard to include the Nashville community in the learning experiences we create

It is our job to earn and maintain trust among us and our children, our families, the congregation, and the Nashville community

As a staff we strive to be at the highest level of teacher training and best practices and will be involved as leaders locally, regionally, and nationally

We will create an environment supportive of education that also demonstrates best practices in health, safety, and emergency preparedness

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