The Micah Children’s Academy Curriculum

Micah Children’s Academy was created with the vision of age appropriate learning programs based on integrating the best of early childhood theories, practice and current research. We have implemented project- based/hands-on approaches and a Jewish values-based curriculum for children ages six weeks through Pre-K.  We are 3 Star accredited from the state of Tennessee, which means MCA is operating at the highest standard of quality in education, health, care and overall support of our children. 

Micah Classrooms

  • Infant 1 and Infant 2: From 6 weeks to 1 year
  • Toddler Transition: Turning 1
  • Tiny Tots 1: 1 turning 2
  • Tiny Tots 2: 2 turning 3
  • Mini 1: 3 turning 4
  • Mini 2: 3½ turning 4½
  • Pre-Kindergarten: 4 turning 5

Project Based Learning Model

This model of instruction promotes ideas that we feel are essential to learning: project-based learning, representing learning in a variety of ways, and providing children with real-life experiences. Our students not only work via projects, they take time to record what they’ve learned through pictures, photographs, charts and graphs. They display them in the room and use them to review and further their learning. We also support field trips to enhance the learning and work our projects throughout the campus to demonstrate how nature can be a part of our learning environments.

Curriculum based on Jewish Family Values

We create lesson plans each week and each month every classroom relates back to Jewish values and traditions developed in partnership with Rabbis Laurie and Flip Rice of Congregation Micah.  The team at Micah works closely with our administration and educators to provide guidance and inspiration around these traditions and events, which provide a programming, and inspiration that the children truly enjoy.  Our Judaic Learning Specialist creates fun and interactive opportunities for our children to learn about Jewish traditions based on the annual calendar of Jewish holidays and the weekly celebration of Shabbat called Tot-Shabbat, when all the students join in song together in the main playroom.

Weekly Enrichment Program

We want to go beyond the basics and create an environment where our children can be exposed to a variety of creative and academic programs in addition to our amazing curriculum.  

Nature Class (outdoor learning – Toddlers and older)

Yoga (Toddlers and older)

Music (secular and sacred – All Students)

Spanish Immersion – (Toddlers and older)

Tot Shabbat (welcoming the Sabbath – all students)


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