Meet the staff at Micah Children's Academy


Theresa LePore

Theresa received her Bachelor of Science at the University of Montevallo (Montevallo, Alabama) with a degree in Hearing Impaired Education. Certified to teach K-12, she worked in the Jefferson County School system where she served children in all age groups. She worked with children in an Early Intervention program, elementary and middle schools, and even in a high school vocational program. After that experience, Theresa decided to change careers because of all the “red tape” associated with special education and enter another educational arena.
One summer, Theresa served as a Pre-K teacher and she simply loved it. She felt that the possibilities were endless with the younger age group. She felt that she was laying a foundation for the love of learning instead of trying to repair it. After moving to Nashville, she was the director of Woodbine Community Center’s Summer Camp and then worked for the State of TN’s Treasury Department. It was then that she discovered that she missed teaching! That was over 15 years ago and now Theresa is applying her experience and skill by leading the Academy administrative staff. Theresa is also a mother of 3 children. Theresa spends her “free” time volunteering and sitting on various committees and boards at her children’s schools.


Kelley Norris
Assistant Director


Kiki Evans
Office Manager

Melissa Sostrin
Enrichment Coordinator

Classroom Teachers

Ella Chiripko
Infant 1 teacher

Jacquee Parris
Erica Schwankhart
Infant 2 teachers

Maria Ajdinovic
Carol Heady
Toddler teachers

LaShana Halton-Hendry
w/ Bobbi Komisar
Tiny Tots 1 teachers

Yafa Baer
Tiny Tots 2 teacher

Amber Woodruff
Minis 1 teacher

Natalie Labovitz
Minis 2 teacher

Jasmine Rose
Pre-K teacher


General / Assisting Teachers & STAFF

Margo Coffey (Pre-K)

LaShonda Jordan (Infants)

Andy Reilly

Hila Cowart

Heather Sechler

Lauren Staton (Tiny Tots 1)


Lisa Silver
Beckie LaBounty



Rebecca Millman
Office Admin


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