Going beyond the basics

We strive to go beyond the basics and have created an environment where our children can be exposed to a variety of enrichment programs in addition to our amazing curriculum.  So, we partner with local Nashville partners to provide these programs:



Every week, our students enjoy a blend of secular and sacred music experiences. Our music curriculum encompasses three strands:

  • Singing music: We stress both traditional Jewish songs and prayers which facilitate a knowledge of Hebrew and other language development skills.
  • Making music: Both homemade and purchased instruments are used to explore rhythm, the nuts and bolts of music, and sound. They learn the notes and the beats of music which support many pre-math skills.
  • Writing music: This is our “Nashville connection.” Based on the talents, skills, and experiences of our two teachers, children learn to write, rhyme, compose, and be creative to describe their experiences. These activities provide a foundation for creative writing skills.


This innovative program provides students a natural way to explore creative movement, some gymnastics skills, and a variety of age-appropriate exercise experiences. Students from 1.5 years and up are involved in this program.

Spanish Immersion

Every Thursday, our students (Toddlers to Pre-K) are completely immersed into Spanish.  Our very own Melissa Sostrin designs real-life scenarios that incorporate fun and games in order to teach children the concepts, structure, and cultural nuances.


With our beautiful campus and wonderful playscape, it made sense for us to use this asset to our fullest for our children. Once per week, our Tiny Tots, Minis, and Pre-K children work with our nature teacher on a nature lesson taken from the national, award-winning program, “Growing Up Wild.” These rich lessons take advantage to what our children can learn about nature and supporting activities are designed for late care students.


Every Friday, our children attend a Shabbat (Sabbath) service led by our cantorial soloist at Micah (Lisa Silver) and one of our Rabbis. At the service, children enjoy singing, dancing, learning Hebrew, and listening to a story that focuses on a Jewish holiday, custom, or tradition. It’s a time for students to enjoy welcoming in Shabbat as while as coming together as a community of friends and family.


When we began as a preschool, we agreed as a staff that learning takes place in many venues. To this end, we strongly support field trips of all kinds. Whether it’s an “in school field trip” or traditional trip, we are open to any experience that will enable students to expand their understanding and application of learning. Some examples are:

  • Parent visits: Sharing what they do with children and bringing their tools of their profession for children to play with.
  • Rabbi’s visits: Sharing the traditions and culture of Reform Judaism through conversation, reading, and sharing the many rituals and artifacts of our faith.
  • Community visits: We invite many community persons to our school: Akiva School’s Reading Buddy Program, the police and fire department, Snodgrass and King’s dental program, the Nashville Public Library, “Good Food for Good People,” and many many more.

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